August 7, 2009

This is a Sims 3 blog about two sisters trying to learn to get along. To go to the beginning, click here: https://theuncommonways.wordpress.com/2009/08/08/introduction/

So here’s how it goes:
I’m a high school student full time. I’ve got tests, finals, all AP classes…it’s a difficult job. I started this blog during the summer when I had more time to work on it. I just don’t have the time anymore. Here’s what I’m going to do: The Uncommon Ways is officially done. There’s nowhere for it to go, and it just wouldn’t be interesting. However, I am definitely starting a new blog at the end of this school year or at the very beginning of summer at the latest. I plan to keep it going all through the summer. I have a few choices to make as to which family I should share with you guys, though, so I’m going to let you pick. Here are the choices:
The Newson family.
You may notice that I’ve kind of remade them from the sims 2 family and used the same last name. I really enjoyed the idea and I’m letting creativity run away with me on this one. Here are the parents who are no longer around – Barbara and Rob.
Barbara and Rob left behind six beautiful children, who are, from oldest to youngest (in the picture below): Ashley (teen, cloud bed), Lindsey (teen, pink bed), Craig (kid, plaid bed), Hannah (toddler, pink bed), Candie (toddler, yellow bed), and Dylan (toddler, blue bed) with Candie and Hannah being twins. Ashley and Lindsey are left to take care of their siblings while still going to school and managing  jobs to make money. But can they still actually have social lives of their own?
The Hampton family.
Amy Hampton is a goldigger. She came to Riverview in search of a rich old man, and she meets a bachelor (who just happens to be a doctor. Yum. (: ) who lives in a big house across town. I’ll give you the name when I look again, I seem to have forgotten.
As you can see, Amy is unhappy with the tiny, haunted house she lives in, but it was all she could afford. There is so much more to her story as I’m very far along (don’t worry, I’ve taken lots of pictures), but I wouldn’t want to spoil anything. On to the next one!
The Laveta family.
From left to right (not counting the toddlers for now), we have Samantha, Cecelia, Annabella, Gabriel, and Jessica. Samantha is holding Elliot and Cecelia is holding Lucie. Jessica had a nasty divorce after discovering her husband’s affair with his boss. He left and took all of his money, and now Jessica is left struggling to raise their six children, and her biggest challenge is Cecelia who is a grumpy, over-emotional loner who is currently extremely depressed and refuses to attend school or work. Can Jessica lead her family out of a difficult time?
The Goodman family.
Juliet Goodman (middle) is a good, friendly sim who lives with her husband, Ben Goodman (right) and their young son, Joey (Juliet’s arms). When Juliet’s younger sister, Kaitlyn McCormack (left), lost all of her money after a breakup, Juliet took her in. The two had always been best friends. Juliet says it’s no trouble, but Kaitlyn hates to impose. But the house lacks room, and Juliet and Ben would like to have a daughter. Since Kaitlyn is already sleeping in Joey’s future bedroom, Juliet and Ben aren’t sure what they’re going to do with Kaitlyn. They can’t tell her to leave – they both love her. (Ben is learning to love her, that is) How will they work this out?
That’s all of the families! So you decide – which family do you see a blog about? The Newsons, the Hamptons, the Lavetas, or the Goodmans? Post a comment with your vote. (Since I don’t have the time for a poll, we will make do with this.) I will get back to you later this week, next weekend, or when I feel that we have enough votes. I’m counting on you guys!